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In the South, the Ukrainian military destroyed russian command post

In the South, the Ukrainian military destroyed russian command post

The Ukrainian military destroyed the Russian control point, three ammunition depots and a fuel and lubricants depot on the administrative border of Mykolayiv and Kherson oblasts.

This was announced by the operational command «South» in the report as of the morning of May 3.

During the night the Russian troops continued air reconnaissance by drones. The Ukrainian Armed Forces destroyed two such aircraft over Mykolayiv region, their remains fell into the water. In the morning Russians started firing at Nikolaev from jet system of volley fire «Tornado». They hit critical infrastructure, but there were no casualties.

The air defense forces also destroyed the Outpost reconnaissance drone, which was trying to enter from the sea. According to the Air Force, such a device costs $7 million.

In total, the missile and artillery units performed more than four fire tasks in the south in one day, among which they destroyed several points of concentration of the occupiers’ manpower and equipment, and their losses are being clarified.

Simultaneously the northwestern part of the Black Sea remains blocked for navigation and is under Russian control. The probability of missile strikes throughout Ukraine remains high.

Soldiers of the 79th Separate Assault Brigade once again destroyed a unit of the Russian occupiers.

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