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Ukrainian defenders have already eliminated 26,650 russian occupiers

Ukrainian defenders have already eliminated 26,650 russian occupiers

Russian occupation forces have lost 26,650 men and 1,195 tanks since the start of the war in Ukraine, reported the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

The total combat losses of the enemy are approximately:

  • personnel – about 26,650
  • tanks – 1195
  • armored combat vehicles – 2873
  • artillery systems – 534
  • MLRS – 191
  • air defense means – 87
  • aircraft – 199
  • helicopters – 161
  • UAV operational and tactical level – 398
  • cruise missiles – 94
  • ships / boats – 13
  • automotive equipment and tank trucks – 2019
  • special equipment 41

The largest losses of the enemy of the past day, May 11, were observed in the Kurakhiv direction.

In the Sumy region Russian troops will be tried for murder of the civilians. The accused, along with other Russian servicemen, fired on a civilian car and stole it. They drove to the village of Chupakhivka, Sumy region. On the way, they saw an unarmed resident of the village riding a bicycle along the roadside and talking on the phone. One of the military ordered the accused to kill a civilian so that he would not report them. He killed a 62-year-old civilian with several shots to the head from a machine gun. The man died on the spot a few dozen meters from his own home.

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