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russia has committed environmental crimes in virtually every region of Ukraine —  State Environmental Inspectorate

russia has committed environmental crimes in virtually every region of Ukraine — State Environmental Inspectorate

Dmytro Zaruba, First Deputy Head of the State Environmental Inspectorate, spoke about resolving the environmental crimes committed by Russia.

Dmytro Zaruba: We conduct examinations on the basis of data provided to us by law enforcement agencies. We are involved as specialists in capturing the facts that have affected the environment. These are critical infrastructure objects. To date, two new methods of soil contamination during military aggression have been approved, as well as the methods to assess the impact on the atmosphere from non-stationary sources of emissions. In the near future we plan to start recording and calculating the damages caused for international courts. We are constantly studying international experiences to know how to assess such situations and impacts.

Land that has been hit chemically or by missile explosion is heavily polluted. We involve scientists to find out the composition of pollutants to know whether this soil is suitable for further cultivation of agricultural products. We’ve never done anything like this before. There are a lot of questions to answer.

  • Unfortunately, it is very difficult to assess the full range of problems and how to solve them

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We are now recording what is happening in the territories controlled by Ukraine. We will check the condition of forest plantations with the help of satellite images — as they were before and after February 24. Mathematically, you can calculate how much greenery was lost and how much is needed for recovery. Regarding the pollution of water resources in the territory where hostilities are taking place, it’s much harder to obtain information.

  • We do not work alone. We go to the sites when we are called upon by  law enforcement

Russia has committed environmental crimes in every region of Ukraine. Russian missiles flew to virtually every corner of our country. Tens of millions of hryvnias in losses were recorded in the Lviv oblast. Rivne oblast was damaged by more than 50 million hryvnias. And this is just the beginning. I am sure that even bigger sums and even more terrible losses are to come.

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