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Fulcrums (Tochky opory) is a project of socio-psychological support for the Ukrainians, who are coping with difficult situation due to the Donbas conflict 0 episodes

How to cope with post-conflict reality: professional psychologists, psychoteurapevtists and social workers talk with radio hosts in the Kyiv studio of Hromadske Radio.

If somebody needs individual help, coordinator of Fulcrums will contact you and direct to the closest centre of free socio-psychological support.

Supported by:
Fulcrums (Tochky opory) project is on the air in Kyiv-Donbas live shows. It has been produced with the generous support of the International Medical Corps and JSI Research & Training Institute, INC. through a grant by United States Agency for International Development. The views and opinions expressed herein shall not, in any way whatsoever, be construed to reflect the views or opinions of all the mentioned organizations.