Обстановка у зоні проведення АТО має тенденцію до ускладнення — Мотузяник

Обстановка у зоні проведення АТО має тенденцію до ускладнення — Мотузяник

Since the 18th of October 2015 illegal armed groups almost daily commit provocations and open fire on the positions of the ATO, as well as the on the gray zone

It was informed by Oleksandr Motuzyanyk, military spokesman. 

“In Donetsk direction the enemy is trying to provoke our soldiers for opening fire in response. Such incidents regularly take place in the area of Horlivka, where Russian-backed forces use small arms and rocket launchers of different systems. Near the village of Novoselivka 2 (Yasinovatskiy area) the enemy made one shot with 82-mm mortar, “- spokesman informed.

According to the headquarters, near the Donetsk airport actively work enemy snipers.

“In Mariupol directions, the enemy opened fire with small arms on the ATO forces positions near the village of Granitne (Volnovakha region). Morover, after the sunset, illegal forces used rocket launcher” – added Motuzyanyk.

He also officially denied the statements of self-proclaimed leader of the so-called Donetsk People’s Republic about the using of rocket artillery by Ukrainian forces. On the eve loyal to the self-proclaimed “DNR” quoted representatives reported shelling Donetsk with self-made launcher. Recently, loyal to the self-proclaimed DPR, reported for Donetsk shelling with home-made rocket launcher.

At the same time, Chief Directorate of Intelligence of the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine provides information about attempts to confuse representatives of the OSCE monitoring mission on withdrawal of heavy weapons.The principle of so-called “roundabouts” is used. In particular, under the supervision of the OSCE, the enemy demonstrates removal equipment, including to landfills in rear areas (indicated by a significant increase in the number of tanks, armored combat vehicles and artillery systems in landfills in the areas of villages Uspenka, Buhayivka, Troitske, Miusynsk and Karlo-Marxove). Further specified machinery without hidden markings return to the contact line. The following technique without hidden markings return to the contact line.

It is informed to the representatives of the OSCE.

“We provided information to representative of the Mission about the enemy’s artillery systems caliber over 100 mm (SPG) and 122-mm BM-21 Grad”, – the report reads.

“Measures for returning enemy’s tank units to the contact line marked on Novoaydarsky (Vesela Hora), Donetsk (Mineralne, Pisky, Marinka) and Volnovakha (Hranithe) directions. However, the Russian command units held constant alerts regarding to the routes of the OSCE representatives, that allows to hide banned weapons and military equipment in short time. In some cases, OSCE observers are blocked of access to military facilities “.

Yesterday, in its regular report OSCE mission reported about the revealing of craters from shells of caliber 82 mm in Krasnohorivtsi. The observation work was interrupted by fire, – the report reads.

Previously, “Hromadske radio” reported that in Luhansk and Donetsk regions position of Ukrainian army are fired on militants again.

Ukrainian side of the Joint Centre on Control and Coordination of issues related to the ceasefire regime believes, that militant attacks could lead to a humanitarian catastrophe, because it prevents of conducting demining and repairing transport work before winter. It also threatens the process of allotment of weapons.

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