72 000 переселенцев с инвалидностью требуют особой поддержки, — психолог

How resettlers with disabilities can socialize, get additional education and to start their own business?


Михаил Кукин,

Татьяна Трощинская


Олена Темченко,

Лідія Касянчук

72 000 переселенцев с инвалидностью требуют особой поддержки, — психолог

The guests of the studio of «Hromadske Radio» are psychologist of the International Medical Corps, Lidiya Kosyanchuk, and a representative of the Department for the realization of the national preventive mechanism of the Office of the Verkhovna Rada representative on human rights, Olena Temchenko. They drew attention to the fact that not all the peopl with disabilities are vulnerable. Tere are many strong and creative people among them. They only want conditions allowing them to realize their potential. At the same time, there are many lonely old people who need medical, psychological, and social support. However, they do not have the status of a disabled person. 

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