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Как выстроить отношения с деньгами и победить сознание бедности?

How to discern awareness of poverty in yourself? What hampers you from getting what you want? How to get rid of limiting perceptions of money and build correct relations with it?


Ирина Сампан,

Илона Довгань


Андрій Баландюк

Как выстроить отношения с деньгами и победить сознание бедности?
Как выстроить отношения с деньгами и победить сознание бедности?

This was discussed with Ihor Khloponin, a «Forum OneUkraine 2016» speaker, one of the leading trainers of OLEROM Company, psychologist, coach, expert in business communications. 

The psychologist spoke about what money is and what it has to mean for a person.   

Journalists conducted a poll to survey people’s psychological preparadness for financial well-being. Those polled were urban residents of both male and female gender, of over 18 years of age. The poll embraced people of different social statuses. An interesting point: the overwhelming majority of respondents approached in the streets (almost 70 percent) refused to be interviewed after they heard the word «money» read out of the questionnaire. Why? Psychologist Ihor Khloponin comments. He also told about what hinders you from obtaining what you want very much.  

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