Отцы и дети: как конфликты взрослых влияют на младших

How to protect the younger generation from the influence of conflicts between older family members?


Михаил Кукин,

Ирина Славинская


Тамара Блекот,

Андрій Горський

Отцы и дети: как конфликты взрослых влияют на младших
Отцы и дети: как конфликты взрослых влияют на младших

The guests of the broadcast are the psychologist, psychotherapist who works for the Psychological Crisis Service and the Waldorf School, Tamara Blekot, and father of three, Andriy Horsky.

The guests talk about what can be named familky crises. What are they? To which extent parents’ conflicts affect children’s psychology?

«A child goes through some stages in its development. There are sensitive ages when some events happening in a family directly affect a child’s personality in a global way. For instance, during the first seven years, the acceptance of ‘myself’ happens,» says Tamara Blekot. 

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In his turn, Andriy Andriy Horsky is sharing his parental experience. «Parents’ task is to understand what is happening to a child. Until certain stage, a child perceives the family as a measure. A child reads models in the family,» says the father of three. 

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How to protect a child from negative effects of adults’ quarrels? Kateryna Holdberg, a child psychologist, noted in her commentary to journalist Kateryna Kader that lately the number of seeking advice about household quarrels has grown. Kateryna Holdberg emphacizes that family conflicts negatively affest children’s future.  The psychologist also noted that children project their future when they watch their parents’ conflicts. All conflict situations should be talked over with children. It is important for children to understand reasons for quarrels and not to consider themselves guilty of them.

Psychological help to couples and families of the military, the demobilized, resettlers, wounded, and volunteers is provided by «Povernennya» (Coming Back) Center in Kiev. 

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