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Hromadske Radio – community radio network and website from Ukraine

Hromadske Radio (Community/Public Radio in the Ukrainian language) is among a few Ukraine's non-commercial, non-governmental news & talk radio stations and online media platforms. It is one the most productive producers of podcasts in Ukraine, which are available on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify and SoundCloud, as well as on our web site.

hromadske.radio is the news-and-education multimedia platform of Hromadske Radio that includes the website, Android and iOS mobile application. 

Hromadske Radio’s foundation has been its belief in freedom of speech as an unconditional right which should not be limited by the state's or big business' interests. Therefore, we implement a business model of an independent public medium that has become not only unique for, but also much needed in Ukraine.

The aim of Hromadske Radio is to contribute to the sustainable development of Ukrainian communities, and civic culture. Every day we deliver the latest, most important news and current events analysis without exposure to the influence and distortion of authorities, business, and politicians.

With a steady radio audience of around 150 000 per week, Hromadske Radio has been able to reach its listeners through its own broadcasting network in Ukraine's three regions (Kyiv, Donetsk and Luhansk)Additionally, our website audience gives around 450 000 pageviews  every month.

To support our mission, you can give us a donation, become a sponsor, or place your advertising on our web site or on the air. More information about our audience and our achievements is available on our website. Additional information may be given upon request.

Cornerstones of Hromadske Radio


is produced by the Hromadske Radio team. Our website contains thousands of quality podcasts on various topics, including interviews, blogs, analysis, documentary videos, and video broadcasts of radio shows. Publications are mostly in Ukrainian and Russian language, but English-speaking audiences can also tune in through our weekly podcast series, Ukraine Calling.

Hromadske Radio 

is an independent Ukrainian talk radio created in 2013 by a team of concerned journalists who have refused to sacrifice journalistic integrity by overlooking censorship, dishonest editorial policies, and non-transparent media ownership schemes. Our Ukrainian and Russian language programs contain the latest on Ukraine and world news, as well as thoughtful, in-depth analyses on current affairs. Our journalists follow topics as they unfold, keeping audiences informed with events while adhering to journalistic standards. Besides news reports, Hromadske radio also offers music entertainment, including international jazz, and Ukrainian pop.

Our podcasts

can be uploaded through IOS and Android applications and listened to while on the move. You can find our broadcast material not only on our website, but also videos and texts available in online format.