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Hromadske Radio offers advertising opportunities on the air, on our website, and in podcasts on external platforms.

Our broadcasts reach audiences in Kyiv at 99.4 FM, Mykolaiv at 88.3 FM, Kherson at 94.4 FM, Chernihiv at 105.9 FM, Sumy at 88.6 FM, Nikopol at 91.5 FM, Kramatorsk at 90.9 FM, and Hirnyk at 91.4 FM.

According to TNS DAR 2023 W1 BASIC research (conducted from 10.07 to 10.09.2023), our radio station attracts a weekly audience of over 94,000 Kyiv residents. We have a dedicated audience that listens to Hromadske Radio for an average of 1 hour and 21 minutes per day.

Our website, hromadske.radio, welcomed over 3,400,000 users in 2023. For those who prefer listening to our stream and podcasts on their smartphones, our app is available on both Android and iOS platforms. Hromadske Radio programs and podcasts can also be accessed on external platforms such as SoundCloud, YouTube, Apple Podcasts, and Spotify.

We offer a variety of advertising formats, including:

  • Direct advertising on the radio station
  • Creation and placement of podcast special projects across on air, the website, and podcasting platforms
  • Guest special project, «Expert Opinion»
  • Placement of pre-rolls in podcasts on the website
  • Writing and publishing PR articles on the website
  • Publication of releases from advertisers
  • Sponsorship of on-air projects

For more details on on-air advertising, our audience, types of advertising, and more, please refer to the media kit and price lists available through the links below.

Tetiana Budantseva
Tetiana Budantseva
Phone number067 945 07 83
Polina Shulzhenko
Polina Shulzhenko
Commercial manager
Phone number095 608 79 11
Snizhana Bovkun
Snizhana Bovkun
Creative copywriter
Phone number[email protected]