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Andriy Izdryk

Andriy Izdryk

Chief Sound Producer and acting Engineering Manager
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"The search of beauty cannot be stopped, even if the object is unattainable. Only the aesthetic is a reliable method of verification of all things. Therefore, in any case, beware of people with bad musical taste."

Andriy's philosophical education has given him the keen insight needed to understand the difference between a diploma and working in the office. The world of Mr. Izdryk is one coloured by the perspectives of both the earthly-bound Positivist and heavenly-bound Pythagorean.

Andriy is one of the pioneers of Ukrainian podcasting as was first initiated in 2008. He published the literary podcast "litpodcast.com", which was commissioned by TO "Dziga" in 2011-2013, and Podcast "Akademraznitsa", Center for Humanities Research.

Andriy was a co-author and the sound engineer of several different projects, including audio books. A few years ago, he managed the site podcaster.org.ua. He also held a series of training sessions for bloggers and journalists and was the sound producer for various concerts and shows.

In 2011, he trained and studied at the studio of the Polish Radio under the scholarship 'Gaude Polonia'. Andriy began working for Hromadske Radio in 2013. Having desired to work on a talk radio station his whole life, Andriy jumped at the first opportunity and accepted to be a part of the team at Hromadske Radio.

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