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Iryna Sedova

Iryna Sedova

Regional network editor. Author of the Golosa Krymu (Crimean voices). Involved in the production of Prava lyudyny (Human rights), Lyudy Donbasu (Donbass' people), Ukrainian heroes podcasts and news
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"I try to follow simple rules. One of them is the concept that love helps crush all obstacles, thus there is no sense to waste time on hatred. A second rule, that we must help people and protect those who cannot stand for themselves."

Iryna has a degree in technology and studied journalism in several professional courses, with competition awards to boot. Between 2013 and 2014, she took part in educational courses for the Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Union, 'The role of journalism in human rights'. In 2013 she became one of the winners in the competition 'The best Investigative reports in South Ukraine'.

Previously, Iryna worked as an editor at Breeze Channel in Kerch, where she was one of creators of the website kerch.fm., giving her extensive experience in anti-corruption investigations. In addition, she is a co-founder and coordinator of the Charity organization in Kerch, My Razom, which held activities on human rights and free legal consultations before the annexation of Crimea

After the so-called referendum led to annexation of Crimea, Iryna left the peninsula, and in March that year joined the Hromadske Radio team. Since then, Iryna has seen Hromadske radio as offering the kind of independent media she had worked to create in Kerch, spearheading demands for greater reform in Ukraine through national public broadcasting.

In Kyiv she became a media coordinator for Crimean missions on Human Rights and continues to engage in anti-corruption investigations for the website CorruptUA where many of her articles can be found. Iryna is also the co-founder of a series of educational trainings for the protection of the rights of journalists.

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