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Iryna Slavinska

Iryna Slavinska

Journalist, author and host of the projects ‘Antenna’, ‘Zustrichi’ (Meetings) and ‘Prostir rivnosti’ (Equality space). One of the ‘Hromadska khvylya’ talk-show hosts. Member of the Board of Directors
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"For me, working at Hromadske Radio stresses my obligation and need to speak to extremely large audiences.  Radio is a democratic media source which does not require buying an expensive TV-set or connecting to the internet. That's why for me, the most important part of our mission at Hromadkse radio is an educational factor. I am honored to be part of a team of experts who can speak about the important things impacting our society today. I believe that better-informed citizens can make more responsible choices."

Iryna Slavinska has worked for Hromadske Radio since its inception back in the summer of 2013, taking part in radio work for its early podcasts. Today, she is a member of the Board of Directors and the Editorial Board of Hromadske Radio.

A philological education gave Iryna extensive pedagogical work experience. She is interested in education, science, and culture, fluent in French, and translates books from French into Ukrainian.

Iryna started practicing journalism in 2006 as a university student. Her first texts appeared at the portal Sumno.com, and later published her pieces in Ukrayinska Pravda and Ukrayinska Pravda: Lifestyle. Since the autumn of 2010, Irina continues to write literary reviews for the magazine SHO. In May of 2012, she became a Columnist in the magazine Elle Ukraine.

From May 2012 to April 2013, she worked on the TV channel TVi, where she was the author and presenter of the Hra v slova i ne tilky (Game in the words and not only), with Vitaly Gaidukevich. She was also the editor of the educational program Lektsii i Podiyi (Lectures and Events). Following a less-than-transparent change of management in TVi, however, Iryna joined three dozen of her colleagues in quitting the channel in an act of protest, after which she joined Hromadske Radio.

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