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Mila Moroz

Mila Moroz

Journalist. Involved in the production of Khroniki Donbasu, Khroniki Krymu (Crimean chronicles), Prava lyudyny (Human rights), Ukrainian heroes and news reports
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"I wish to help people to understand the events that are going on in our country, how these events affect us, and ways in which we control the situation by our own actions. Journalism makes me both love and hate humanity. Sometimes, I can't help but cry with my interviewees. Sometimes, I fall in love with them. I want to write a book about all their stories. My motto is - 'Destroy my dreams - and I will rebuild them three times'."

Mila graduated from Oles Honchar Dnipropetrovsk National University with a degree in journalism. Afterwards she continued her studies at Kyiv-Mohyla Academy where she received her Master's degree in digital journalism & mass communications.

During her studies, she was blogged for Dnipropetrovsk's youth 'Yaksho Ne Ty, To Hto?' (If Not You, Then Who?). Mila was the head of press service for the political party, and worked as an intern in news programme on STB Channel and in newspapers Litsa, and Den’.

However, she found her true calling in radio, especially at Hromadske Radio, where she has been working since the autumn of 2014. Her commitment to the radio’s goals has been deepened by its independence from “the oligarch’s wallet”, basing itself strictly on “editorial policy, rules of orthography, journalistic standards, donations, and likes & shares.”

Mila's blog can be read here.

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