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Oleh Shynkarenko

Oleh Shynkarenko

Journalist, writer and translator. Host of the Filosofskyi baraban (Philosofical drum) podcast
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“I would like to see Hromadske Radio produce more programs, which have no direct relations to the news and the surrounding reality. This is the main distinguishing feature from most radio programmes which are produced in Ukraine.”

Oleh graduated from Zaporizhia State Engineering Academy with a degree in automatics and test equipment. His higher education degree was received from the Classic Private University, which was taken in the English language. He then studied journalism at the International Academy of Journalism (Intajour), in Hamburg.

Following his graduation, Oleh worked as a freelance, writing articles for local newspapers, and In 2006 he realized that journalism was his calling.

In 2008 Oleh moved to Kyiv. His reports were published in newspapers such as Delo, Vechirni Visti, and on the TV-programme Nashi Groshi. Additionally, he was involved in the editing process of the website of National Сontest Koronatsia Slova. He published videos concerning issues of mass-media, freedom of speech, and violations of human rights for the project VideoTeKa for Telekrytyka.

In 2013 Oleh joined the team of Hromadske Radio where he could showcase his great literary talent. The impact of his work was shown when, following a podcast on the delay of pensions for IDPs, these same people received said pensions immediately in the following weeks. Oleh was credited by the IDPs themselves for shedding light on the issue. He is now working on his next novel 'Bolshyye Chyervi'. He is fond of video design, shooting, and editing, as well as recording music.

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