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Gene of justice

Gene of justice

On Wednesdays. For those who are in need of legal assistance. Whether the free-of-charge legal assistance can become the “gene of justice” capable to change traditionally negative attitudes to justice system? 0 episodes

Larysa Denysenko:

«What is done and what must be implemented to ensure the right to get the free-of-charge legal assistance to all who are in need of it and has such rights according to the law? Where one can get such assistance? You will hear the answers and the real examples of success cases of the lawyers and their clients, you will also learn the real stories and some advices from the professionals»

Within the series of 26 programs, the Ukrainian writer, lawyer and human rights activist Larysa Denysenko interviews representatives of the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine, Coordination Center for providing legal assistance, Regional centers for the free-of-charge secondary legal assistance, advocates who work with clients in this way, as well as representatives of the advocacy community, civil activists, human rights activists and international experts.

Supported by:

The program is supported by the Ukrainian-Canadian Project “Accesible and quality legal assistance in Ukraine”.