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Prove that you love

Prove that you love

Program about dignity and safe connections. How to identify an intimate partner prone to violence? How not to confuse love with emotional codependency? How to build relationships without violence? 0 episodes

We start to form safety rules in childhood. What is the difference between raising boys and girls? How can we help them develop nonviolent communication skills? What is a father’s role in a child’s life? How to identify an intimate partner prone to violence at the early stages of a relationship? What one should do if they get aggression instead of tender feelings? How not to confuse love with emotional codependency or so called «love addiction»?  Why is pickup as an aggressive sex manipulation losing its popularity? How to build relationships without violence?

Call in to join live talk shows and ask your questions: 0 800 750 490.

The program PROVE THAT YOU LOVE is broadcasted by Hromadske Radio once a month with two repeats. Videos of live call-in talk shows can be found on the Hromadske Radio YouTube channel, on our website or Facebook page.


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The Project is support by the International Humanitarian Organization Médecins du Monde (Doctors of the World).