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What do great brands have in common and how they do things

What do great brands have in common and how they do things

When you’re running a business, no matter if it’s a start up, a small or even a medium one, you must have one goal in mind: reach for the stars. And how could you do that, if not by analyzing the greatest businesses and brands that already lead the way of your industry?

But what do great companies have in common? How do they do things? Is there a recipe you could follow, step by step or a whole culture you can inspire from? Here’s the well established features that great brands usually check:

Great brands differentiate from their competitors

Core brand values, great services, high quality products, an educational positioning and, of course, marketing techniques that work – this is how you can differentiate from your competitors. Go for a Times Square billboard when your main competitor unrolls a metro station campaign. Join a movement and support a cause. Associate yourself with the best of the best. There are so many ways you can be there for your customers, just pick the ones that work for you and be consistent!

Great brands connect with their customers

A well known medical service company will always give their customers all the information they need before making an appointment to one of their doctors. A notorious cosmetic company will always have all the answers for active ingredients questions and deliver them through video tutorials, live chat or highly informational written content marketing. Both of them are there for their audience, 24/7, whether it’s Google search, community management, social media platforms, blogs, vlogs or other types of content and interaction. Do so and you will only gain.

Great brands keep their promises.

Always. Your transparent cultural values reflect in the way you deliver your promises. If you send a newsletter about free delivery for a whole month, don’t ask your customers to pay delivery fees. If you send push notifications about discounts, respect the offers you promised. If you announce a new store opening via billboards from tpsengage , be prepared to get visited by the people who saw it, stick to the schedule and respect the needs of your participating audience. Always deliver the promises you make and achieve your customers’ respect and trust through your consistent actions.

Great brands have a greater purpose than just making money

Of course, the starting point of any business is making money. But that’s not a purpose per se. IKEA’s purpose is to deliver nicely done, nordic furniture to the masses. Coca Cola is using their brand to spread American values. Starbucks wants to let their customers indulge in a little pleasure break from any busy day. Nike inspires people to action and personal achievement. Each great brand has a greater purpose than just making money. Find yours and enjoy the results.

Great brands know how to communicate

Whether it’s for joy or sorrow, great brands know how to communicate. This reflects in the way they promote their products and services, in the way they manage crisis situations, in the way they communicate internal changes that could affect the external environment, including customers. They work with the best specialists and have their core values well defined, so that their messages are compatible and harmonious.

Now that you know what great brands have in common, you can start your own growing plan for your business. Baby steps, little by little and you’ll get there when you’ll be ready.

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