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What trading platforms does Esperio Broker have?

What trading platforms does Esperio Broker have?

The choice of a broker often depends on what trading program it offers traders to use. There are cases when potential clients refuse good trading conditions and high reliability due to an unsuitable terminal when studying a broker. There can be many reasons for this, for example, the incompatibility of trading advisors. Esperio Broker allows its clients to choose a platform. We will talk about options the company’s clients have and give a brief description of each program.

Esperio Broker’s position on software

The broker cooperates with MetaQuotes. It is a well-known manufacturer of trading software. The company’s main product is the MetaTrader terminal, which today can be called the undisputed leader and the choice of most traders. The company has to pay for each server, while its software would be much cheaper. But Esperio Forex strives to provide the best service, so clients are encouraged to trade in the familiar Metatrader. Let’s consider the available versions.

MetaTrader 4

Although this version is more than 10 years old, it remains the most popular among traders. Even the increase in the cost of renting servers does not have much effect on demand – traders want to work in MT4. Esperio Broker reviews note that the situation with the program choice among clients is similar to that observed with other brokers — the percentage of users remains stable. This is due to the fact that thousands of indicators and advisers were written for MT4, which simply do not work in another version.

MetaTrader 5

The trading community initially did not accept an updated terminal due to some shortcomings. This fact applies to all companies, not just Esperio Broker. Within few years, everything was fixed, and today a community of supporters of the 5th version has already formed. Esperio Forex does not take sides but gives its clients both terminals at once. The most popular option is the ECN trading account for active trading works just on MT5, judging by Esperio Forex reviews.

Esperio Broker reviews: benefits of MetaTrader

Someone may say that the choice of a trading terminal is a matter of taste and personal preferences. But there are several objective advantages of using MetaQuotes development including:

  • Thousands of indicators and advisors are freely available.
  • Simple and intuitive interface. The feedback of traders confirms this.
  • Ability to trade multiple categories of assets in one program.
  • Developed network of servers around the world.
  • Relatively simple programming language for developers.
  • Rich standard list of analysis tools.

The above makes MetaTrader the best choice for trading with Esperio Broker. Separately, we note the simple integration with the system of copying trades. The delay between opening a trade with the signal provider and the investor’s account is minimal. The price often does not differ, even in a very active market.

Esperio Forex has gone straightforwardly, giving traders what they want and offering two versions of the popular trading terminal. This demonstrates the client-oriented policy of the company and the course towards the maximum convenience of traders with vast trading opportunities

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