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russian occupiers are organizing child abductions in Ukraine – State Border Guard Service

russian occupiers are organizing child abductions in Ukraine – State Border Guard Service

In the occupied Kharkiv region, the russian military is persuading collaborators to kidnap children, according to the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine.

According to operational units of the department people who are collaborating with the Russian’s abducted children from a residential building in the Kharkiv region. The collaborators had apparently been sent to investigate a potential arsenal of weapons obtained in a combat zone, which were allegedly stored the residential building. 

«The expropriators did not find the owner of the house, so in agreement with Russian officers, they took away his two minor sons. Their father just went to another village for humanitarian aid to feed his six-month-old grandson,” the statement said.

The kidnappers proceeded to phone and blackmail the father, who confessed he had found an automatic weapon by the side of the road, and that he was ready to exchange the weapon for his children. According to the Border Guard Service, the kidnappers replied saying that they would trade one son for one weapon or that they «will have to negotiate.”

«This example is another example of how Russia violates the rules of war and grossly violates the rules of international law. The crimes committed by the Russian Federation are on the same scale as Hitlers crimes,» the department added. 

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