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Ukraine recognized russia's actions as genocide, and declares russia to be a terrorist state

Ukraine recognized russia's actions as genocide, and declares russia to be a terrorist state

Rada recognizes Russia’s actions as genocide, and declares Russia to be a terrorist state

On April 14 the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine adopted draft resolution 7276 recognizing the actions of Russia and its army as the genocide of the Ukrainian people.

The Speaker of the Verkhovna Rada Ruslan Stefanchuk publicized this information on Twitter.

This decision was made at a closed session of parliament. The deputies also called on the international community to condemn Russia’s actions in Ukraine as war crimes and crimes against humanity.

People’s deputies also passed the bill №7214, which recognized Russia as a terrorist state, said the People’s Deputy from the «EU» Alexei Goncharenko.

Tactics being implemented by the Russian political regime include:

  • Organized genocide of the Ukrainian people, physical destruction, mass murder of Ukrainian citizens
  • Committing international crimes against civilians
  • Using military techniques that have been internationally condemned
  • Destruction of civilian and critical infrastructure facilities
  • Creating artificial humanitarian catastrophes in certain regions of Ukraine

Russia’s political regime can be considered neo-Nazi in essence and in practice, and as ideologically imitating the Nazi regime.

Any Russian propaganda or symbols of aggression against Ukraine are also prohibited. The use of «V» and «Z» symbols, as well as the use of symbols of the Russian armed forces is prohibited.

Russian symbols are forbidden to be displayed on:

  • Any advertising media
  • Transport
  • Clothing
  • In public places
  • In campaign or propaganda materials (with the exception of material against Russian aggression)
  • In posts on social networks (with the exception of posts that clearly condemn the Russian regime and it’s activities)
  • In movies, programs, video blogs (with previously stated exceptions) 
  • In advertising on television, radio and the Internet

The international community was shocked after a large number of civilians were found dead or tortured in the literate territories of the Kyiv Region. Bodies were found with their hands tied behind their backs. Multiple mass graves were discovered along with apparent attempts to burn or otherwise dispose of bodies. And there have been countless documented cases of Ukrainian women and children being raped by Russian troops. 

The world was first shocked by the photos from Bucha, after which the hashtag #BuchaMassacre appeared on the Internet. International media, politicians and social media users published photos and videos of the atrocities of the Russian occupiers using the hashtag. These events have brought more attention and conversation not just about the war, but about the ongoing genocide of the Ukrainian people.

Following the publication of these events, US President Joe Biden called Putin’s actions in Ukraine genocide. Meanwhile French President Emmanuel Macron has refused to use the term genocide in describing the situation in Ukraine. Instead, he called Russians and Ukrainians «fraternal peoples” which garnered criticism from around the world especially from Ukraine’s Foreign Ministry.

A spokesman for the ministry, Oleg Nikolenko, wrote, “the reluctance of French President Emmanuel Macron to recognize the genocide of Ukrainians after all the irrefutable evidence of the criminal actions of the Russian military and government is disappointing.»

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