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Larysa Denysenko

Larysa Denysenko

Author and host of the projects Gen Spravedlyvosti (Gene of juistice), Chainyk (Dummy), one of the Hromadska khvylya talk-show hosts. Writer, and civil lawyer
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“Working at Hromadske Radio I have seen the realities of freedom of press. Such freedom is both a privilege and gives way to develop trust among civic society. In return, an engaged and educated public will benefit Hromadske Radio due to the increase of individuals who will support the community and journalists’ reputations. My goal is to help people know more about their rights, possibilities, and ways of development.”

Larysa graduated from Taras Shevchenko University of Kyiv with a degree in law, after which she worked as an intern at the Institute of Law under the Ministry of Security and Justice, based in the Netherlands.

Larysa worked extensively within Ukraine’s Ministry of Justice, both as an advisor for the Minister of Justice and First Deputy Head of rights in international organizations. Furthermore, she was a Chairman of the national global anti-corruption organization, Transparency International. Larysa’s dedication towards justice was eventually recognized by the Supreme Court of Ukraine, who offered her distinction for ‘Loyalty to the Law'.

Larysa turned towards journalism in 2006 as an author and host of a cultural program document at 1+1 Channel and has experience with screenwriting for TV. Additionally, Larysa writes essays for such publications as Ukrayinska Pravda, Focus, Novoe Vremya, Zhenskiy Zhurnal, and Taz (Germany).

In October of 2014, Larysa made her radio debut on Hromadke radio, beginning with the podcast Chainyk where she informed audience about rights, international relations, trends, media development, investments, national defence, and psychological issues of rehabilitation during stress.

Currently, Larysa hosts a series of programmes for Gen Spravedlyvosti to help people understand the features of defence, seeking free legal aid, advocates for errors in procedural violations, all together managing investigation and court procedures. The goal of the programme is to work towards a world of justice, helping individuals understand how they can legally protect themselves. 

Larysa has been noticed for her literary experience. She has published over ten novels. Her first novel 'Zabavky z Ploti ta Krovi' (Playings from Flesh and Blood) received the Grand Prix of Ukrainian competition award Koronatsia Slova. Her books 'Tantsi v Maskah' (Masked Dances) and 'Sarabanda Bandy Sary' (Sarabande of Sarah's Gang) - received the title of Best Ukrainian Book by readers' votes and professional jury of the weekly magazine, Korespondent. She has also co-authored the manual for the National Integrity System - assembly of the Council of Europe on the death penalty; the Manual on Human Rights for teachers’ trainers; Book of Judges; and is the author of educational techniques about human rights for children (projects, Pravobukvaryk, Alphabet of law).

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Президент Польщі не може вирішити парламентську кризу, ― Євгеній Приходько

Президент Польщі не може вирішити парламентську кризу, ― Євгеній Приходько