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Cake and ice cream — the best taste combination!

Cake and ice cream — the best taste combination!

If you can’t decide between a dessert option for the whole family or for a meeting with a group of friends, choose a squared treat. This is exactly what gives the incredible ice cream-cake Burzhui Kucheryavyy Pinscher from the Lasunka company!

Well known, but in a new version! This dessert is worth buying when you want something unusual. It is guaranteed to please both ice cream lovers and those who are fans of more familiar sweets, such as, for example, cakes.

A magnificent duet of crispy waffle cakes in combination with vanilla ice cream, covered with thick chocolate sauce and supplemented with nuts and raisins — fully worthy of your attention. Definitely a must try!

The most delicious way to sweetly end gatherings of a large company of friends or a cozy evening in a family circle.

Therefore, when preparing for a meeting with loved ones, it is definitely possible to cross off the item «decided with dessert on the table» from the list of tasks.

Give yourself and your family a little more time — because you will always have time to buy ice cream!

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