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How to restore your own strength during the war?

How to restore your own strength during the war?

The guest is trainer and consultant Iryna Hlushchenkova.

We spoke with trainer Iryna Hlushchenkova about 6 resource channels.

What is a resource?

A resource is a «battery». We imagine a conventional battery that we have in a mobile phone. At a certain time, it starts flashing red. When this happens, we understand that our phone is running low on power and very soon it will not serve us.

I feel the same way about my own resource. It has its own internal battery. When it gets exhausted, there is no resource left to produce ideas, solutions, to make decisions, to provide someone with support, and to effectively communicate with others. This is my feeling and vision of the resource. It probably has changed a little and supplemented through the prism of the experience of Israel. Now I will talk about the channels of a “resource”.

It is very easy to find a resource in yourself. You can start now by listening to me. First, I suggest you think about two basic questions:

  1. What helps me cope and what distracts me from anxious thoughts?
  2. What supports me?

One of the authors of the resource channel approach is Muli Laada (in Israel, this approach is called Antonovsky-Laada). The «6 resource channels» model is very interestingly translated from the original: it is called the «connecting bridge».

We often say that the war divided our lives into periods of «before» and «after». This broke our life continuities.

Resource Channels

Resource channels are ways of behaving through which we can restore life’s continuities, connect, and adapt to a new reality.

The model of resource channels is called Basic PH.

The first letter B is a resource channel related to our belief system and values ​​(i.e. prayer, affirmations, or horoscopes).

A is a channel of affects – of feelings and emotions (i.e. music, movies, literature, games).

S is a resource channel of social support and belonging (i.e. communication in a cafe).

I – imagination and creativity (i.e. drawing, hand-made products, written practices, poems).

C – cognitive (i.e. ordering, searching for information).

And PH is physiological, physical (physical activity, body care, creating comfort).

One or two resource channels are predominant in us – they provide us with the most resources. We connect to them to stabilize and recover.

«A bridge that restores, that connects.» It is important for us to connect those life continuities that were broken by the war. It is important to be stronger, and more resilient.

Instant activities to stabilize your condition

The first channel is prayer, meditation, and the touching of an amulet (performing an action that supports you)

Emotions – if this is your resource channel, check out a funny meme or photo that will make you smile.

Social support channel – write a short reply in a group chat, it will already help you to stabilize yourself.

A channel of creativity and imagination – making a paper figure.

The cognitive channel – to lay something out and then put it away – helps you to switch.

Physical – to smell the aroma that you like, to move, to walk. This creates another level of stability.


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