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Hromadska khvylya (Public wave)

Hromadska khvylya (Public wave)

Every day from 21.10 till 23.00, on weekends from 21.00 till 23.00 we speak with the heroes of the day 2 episodes

Two hosts talk to the “heroes of the day” — those making the history of Ukraine: officials and volunteers, parliamentarians and experts, creative people and scientists, civil activists and fighters. We also invite foreign experts, politicians and artists to the show.

The hosts take care of the balance of opinions, so in any case they invite to speak deputies from the government and the opposition, as they provided such an opportyunity for Maidan and Antimaydan representatives. And the most important thing to mention is that the hosts invite radio listeners to share their thoughts on the air.

Call us to join the live conversation: +38 (044) 239-62-92.

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