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russia is not only fighting the Ukrainian army, but also the Ukrainian nation, but it is impossible to defeat the nation — professor Lydia Smola

russia is not only fighting the Ukrainian army, but also the Ukrainian nation, but it is impossible to defeat the nation — professor Lydia Smola

What does the last 12 days of battles between Ukrainian citizens and the Russian army show the world about Ukraine? How do we change ourselves? Hromadske Radio spoke with Lydia Smola, a professor who holds a doctorate in political science.

Lydia Smola: 12 days of battle show that big changes are taking place: both in the world and in Ukraine. Russia destroyed the international security system in 2014 when it occupied Crimea. The international community accepted this and allowed Russia to proceed.

In 12 days we destroyed the myth that has prevailed for 50 years — the myth about the grand, invincible Russian army, an army whose actions can dictate negotiations. We have show that we can beat this army, and beat it successfully.

But international security has de-facto ceased to exist, because when UN and Nato did not taken decisive action, they showed the world that they will not stand up to protect international security. A parallel can be drawn between these organizations and the League of Nations, that in 1939 similarly stood back and expressed “concerns” when the USSR attacked Finland.

Therefore, after our victory there will be global changes in the context of international security.

russia is self destructing

russia at this moment is self destructing. Not only because the mask has fallen off, but all the actions russia takes now are only worsening it’s condition, and will soon face the International Tribunal in The Hague. russia is also waging a colonial war in the 21st century. russia is fighting the Ukrainian army, and while our army is incredible, it will still attempt to have a say after this war has ended. The russian army is fighting the Ukrainian nation. And it is impossible to defeat a nation.

The events that we have see unfold before us, in Nova Kakhovka, in Kherson, where people with flags stood before tanks, this will help us prevail, this spirit is impossible to destroy.

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All Russian collaborators, who have worked in Ukraine for 30 years, the OPZZh, the Party of Shariy simply took money and lied about how much they support russia.

That’s why during the global changes, russia as a country that has held influence internationally, will exit the arena. The russian nation will not start a revolution, but it will feel the consequences of russia’s actions, more and more.

A new political elite is being created

As for Ukraine, we see that the level of solidarity, the level of self-reliance, that evokes the feeling of pride and of love. The one million people have fled west or left the country, have not diminished the countries strength. We will mourn the heroes, people who sacrificed themselves! We have rejected political divisions in the name of preserving independence. These sorts of things do not simply cease.

Also we are protecting our cities, our country, these photographs, where people are carrying their dogs, cats — right now we are establishing this country, that will shock the world, after it overcomes. The might of Russia lies in it’s inhumanity, but this is only fleeting success. Our strength comes from that love that we show to people, to our neighbors.

In Ukraine a new political elite is being formed. Who could have known about the head of Mykolaiv regional state administrator Vitaly Kim? But this is a person who has stood his ground.

See, when there are no politics to air on television to entertained the people and deceive them, it becomes very clear who stands for what. Who volunteered, who under the constant bombing is helping the people, who after our victory, will be worthy of having a voice in the political sphere.

As to the future of Ukraine

The west which is still hesitant about providing us weapons and closing the sky, is only hurting itself because the question of our victory is only a matter of time.

We have shown that we are significant. That we can really fight for our independence. That we truly love those who, along side us, are ready to give their lives for our nation.

We already have a pantheon of heroes, these are not made up heroes, and not heroes of other countries. In the future the distraction between Ukraine’s east and west will finish, and what will be left is simply Ukraine. The relocation of people is bringing together into a single people. They wanted to make us a fake “federation”, instead they made an incredibly strong nation.

It’s difficult to think about the future because all we see around us is war, but I allow myself to imagine that we will defeat russia. It is only a matter of time.

We will still have to reckon with the fact that russian refugees will appeal to us, and when we expel them from our land. Right now this seems strange but Ukraine and the rest of the world will soon be very different.

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